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worm type final gear


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Koei Industry offers Continuous Process Control & Measurement Devices for Pulp & Paper and Waste Water Treatment industries.
Every piece of the devices is uniquely designed and developed by Koei, for the customers who invest for the world-top-class process control results.

Koei is fairly new to the US and Canada, but supplies various process control equipment to over 700 mills in Japan for over 3 decades and is admitted as Consistency, Freeness, and Flow control specialist by Pulp & Paper industry:

Please note that our Nucom actuators were primarily applied in Pulp & Paper industry in Japan, and nowadays heavily applied in Japan paper mills.

There are many larger size mills having more than 500 to 2,000 control loops with our Nucom actuators in Japan.

Freeness Tester NF-200AS In-Line Automatic Freeness Sensor.
Best solution for accurate reading low CSF such as TMP.
Stuff-box System Ultimate Consistency Control System at Paper Machine Inlet.
Minimizing Basis Weight fluctuation.
Controls less than 1% to 4% consistency of various types of fiber.
Basis Weight Valve GCS-WV 2-14 inch. V-port, finer that 1/1000 resolution.
Can be combined with B/M sensor for automatic operation.
Infrared System INF-940 Lower cost and Safer solution for Basis Weight monitoring by Infrared ray.
Consistency Control System

Old fashion look Open type sensor with the most up-to-date technology designed for most accurate reading for 0.5% - 6.0% consistency.
Filtrate Sampling Machine Rexter Coupled with various sensors such as pH, Conductivity, OPR, turbidity, etc. Automatic cleaning and returning sample to the pipe line. Designed for whom look for accurate reading for long-time without sensor maintenance. Applicable for Pulp Slurry and wastewater.
Flocculation sensor Floccky Tester/Control Measuring consistency, Degree of flocculation, and Flock strength with highly repeatable accuracy.
Lab type (portable) and In-line type available. Applicable for various kinds of Sludge for dewatering and Pulp Slurry. For details, please consult us.

For details, please consult us.