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Actuate Yourself!                      

     For twenty-five years, Japanese industry has benefited from the quiet power of Koei electric actuators. Now these compact actuators are available through US Koei. Our design is unique, our performance unmatched and long-lived, our control precise.

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  • Originally Designed for 100% Continuous Process Operation
  • Low Operation Costs
  • Maintenance - Free
  • Lightweight, Compact, and Low Profile
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Worm Type Final Gear for Rotary Models
  • Instantaneous Stop: no overrun or no hunting assures High Resolution over 1/250
  • US Inventory - Quick Delivery Turnaround
  • Rotary Actuators fit on any ball or butterfly valve and Damper
  • Short-stroke Linear Actuators fit on any diaphragm, pinch, globe or gate valve
Nucom Series: Modulating, Control actuators
Rotary and Linear

Does your application call for severe control? The Koei Nucom actuator provides 250-400 steps over 90 degrees, no overrun, no hunting. Linear actuators provide this precision over the entire stroke. Measure that up against the control you feel you are getting from your control valve. 4-20 mA input and output signal eliminates need for external positioning devices. By the unique Built in Motor Construction, the ADC Body works as Motor Heat Sink, which ensures high frequency start-stop motion without getting overheated. Nucom is born to be applied for continuous process control catching up 100% for your PID signals.


Unic Series: On/Off electric actuators     
Rotary and Linear

Sharing the same body and power train as Nucom, the Unic model is naturally over-spec. for just on-off. Its Nema 4X housing is made of Aluminum Die Cast with the electric motor built in structure making a small, compact and lightweight actuator with powerful torque output. Torque ranges: 87-17,360 inch pounds. Thrust 77-2640 pound force. The palm sized Unic Z/05 is suitable for small butterfly and ball valves. The largest Unic-200 weighs only 50 lbs., is 15 x 10 x 7 inches in dimension, and generates more than 17,000 in lb. with no secondary reduction required.


ESD: Emergency Shutdown
  Compact housing contains powerful nickel cadmium battery-eliminates the need for bulky ups systems, simplifying installation and upkeep.
Lightening quick speed (.25 seconds-7.5 seconds)
100 operations after shutdown.

  • Gallo Winery
    chose the Nucom Z electric actuator to control its fermentation process. Faced with limited space and needing precise control, they replaced their existing pneumatic system with a Koei actuator. The small, compact unit was just what they needed to provide finite control, using 4-20 mA signal. The control valve was more cost effective than the pneumatic system on original purchase and provides Gallo with a savings of approximately $350.00 annually in operating costs.
  • Caterpillar
    A OEM supplier to Caterpillar chose the precise, modulating, Nucom -10NS for Caterpillar's reciprocating engines. With a severe operating environment, resistance to vibration was critical in the actuator selection. Koei actuators are constructed to excel in high vibration environments, with very solid construction and limited tolerance for internal motion. The semi-conductor circuits are enclosed in special resin, so there are no circuit boards to vibrate loose. The Koei compact Nema 4X housing contains 4-20 mA input and positioner output, which eliminates the need for an external positioning device, streamlining installation.
  • Japan's leading manufacturer of OEM electric actuators.
    Respected worldwide valve manufacturers, such as
Toyo Valve

KTM/Tyco (Kitamura Valve)

Keystone Japan
Kitz (Kitazawa Valve)
Masonelan (Niigata)
OKM (Okumura Valve)
Neles Automation Japan

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